Please see the first image - it is a list of all orchids that are in scope for this program.
Here is the general deal on these.
Initially, I am selling 4 packs of orchids - 4 of the same variety in a package - $66 for the 4. If there is a short pack - 3 are $54, 2 are $40 - we will not split the packs and we will not provide a mixed pack. You can do this on your own.

We do not have these organized so you must call ahead to give us notice you are coming.

These should be generally available from Dec 11 - the end of February

We do not guarantee that the roots will be fully developed and growing - we believe the sales date of the final product will be approximately 2025 May - some of the very robust ones will be available sooner such as yaya - these will all be planted in 6" pots.

In between we will be moving the plants to 4" pots about March 1 until planning time into the 6"

I am sure this is a bit confusing - sorry about that - I will need to work the wording and the calendar to get this squared away.
Call if there are questions 473 536-8638 - thank you Michael
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