Orchid Grower Based in Grenada.

I was a professional grower in the US for a number of years but was not able to grow orchids economically as they are a long-term crop and we could not afford the cost of oil to heat the greenhouses.

Now we live in Grenada and can give them the time they need to develop and prepare to go home with you.  We grow them here - we do not simply buy and turn them around - our plants actually have roots and everything!  Many of our plants grow here for 1 year or more before being ready for you.

We will help you with your purchase, we offer discounts to people purchasing 10 or more AND we have an Orchid-Lovers WhatsApp group for the real enthusiasts.  Ask us for more information! 

Let me help you - Michael Straley (473) 536-8638 Phone/WhatsApp.

We are in Lance aux Epines and open every day - it is best to call ahead however to make sure we are here - thanks.

Our FB is 473Orchids

If you are a flower arranger - we also sell dendrobium sprays and have a weekly distribution of sprays and their availability - let us know if that is something you need - or if you know someone who does!

We also wholesale our orchids to other organizations and clubs!