Welcome to Our Orchid Website!

Hi there!  This is Michael Straley the owner/grower for 473Orchids.

We are located on Mt Hartman Dr, Lance aux Epines in Grenada and we would be thrilled to have you as a customer.

We pride ourselves on GROWING our orchids here in Grenada, providing them with daily high-quality care, and providing our customers and friends with useful, real information on successfully growing these lovely plants.  You may have heard some of the folk-tales people believe and tell about what you must do to grow orchids - we have cut through the fairy tails and misinformation.  We will help you to be easily successful!


We primarily grow Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, and Cattleya Orchids and have a selection of Vanda, Cymbidium,  and Adenium (Desert Roses) as well.  We also grow a few potted foliage plants and a large number of sprays of orchid flowers for the Flower Arrangers in Grenada.

So come visit us here and also review the orchids we have for sale.  You will enjoy your visit to us in Lance aux Epines.   Bring a friend - or even a whole busload of them!

Directions - www.473orchids.com/directions if you'd like to know how to find us!