Directions to "The Arches" - 473Orchids Location in Grenada


  • Take the roundabout from the main road into Lance aux Epines - it is right close by the Sugar Mill Roundabout
  • Pass the Calabash Hotel on right and go over the first of the speed bumps to take an immediate left onto Campeche Hill Rd.
  • Go up Campeche Hill Road and then down the hill until you reach the intersection of 4 roads at the end of the road. You will see our sign directly in front of you - follow the left arrow!
  • At this intersection turn left at Eastern Avenue or Mt Hartman Rd (it has both names).  You will see a sign for Mt Hartman Rd too as you are turning left - - you are on the correct road. This is the road where we live.  Do not make any other turns or go down to Secret Harbor Marina!
  • Go past Meadows Lane on your left  


  • Look for a white wooden picket fence on the right immediately followed by a stucco entrance wall surrounding the property and an iron gate.  There will be another sign there that says 473Orchids.  If you start going down the road to Secret Harbor you have missed our house.

House map (1)House map (1)


  • To the left of the gate, there is also a plaque on the wall that says The Arches”. Our house is on the right and will be 2 houses down the road past Meadows Lane. We are across from telephone pole Tj331 if you want to find it that way.
  • Please park on the road and ring the bell or give me a call (473) 536-8638.
  • There is a bell right by the sign if the gate is not open.
  • There is a large blue/gray house directly across from our house.
  • If you come to the second right-hand turn for Secret Harbor Marina, you have gone too far!


  • There is an electric gate - you will need to call us once you are there or press the doorbell - (473) 536-8638 also please call if there is an issue finding us of any kind.