Help Wanted – Outside Worker/Assistant

We grow orchids here in Grenada and need long-term help with that, the grounds, and in maintaining and developing our property.

We are located in Lance aux Epines just above Secret Harbor Marina  There is a bus that will drop you off at our door. We will reimburse you for this bus weekly. We will give you a ride out to the Sugar Mill Roundabout at the end of the day.

Working days and hours:

                Monday, Wednesday, Friday

       7AM to 3:30 PM 8 hours of work plus ½ hour for lunch.  We expect you to be on time and ready to               work

We provide lunch - if you have any specific food allergies please let us know at your interview.

We do NOT pay for holidays, sick days, or other days when you would normally be scheduled for working but are not.  If you are out for the day we may offer you the ability to make up the day if desired. You must be dependable in your attendance.

Rate of pay – we pay weekly on Friday afternoon

                $75 per day for the first 3 months

                $85 per day for months 4 - 6

                $95 per day thereafter


        We will additionally make your NIS payment for you – your payment and ours – we do not deduct it from your pay.


Work required - Planting, seeding, moving plants, weeding, digging holes, painting, watering, power washing, raking, pruning, cutting branches, and other similar work. We will sometimes ask for help with other projects here. We will usually have inside work for you when it rains.

Experience required – none.  We will train you to do our work using our tools and methods.  We will help you inspect the results and correct deficiencies in your work – we inspect the results for what we expect.  If we ask you to do work that we have not trained you – we need you to tell us this so that we can train you in what we expect.

Requirements And Things To Consider:

It is often hot in Lance aux Epines – you must be able to work in a hot often dry environment

We require quality work – we want to work with people who will inspect and correct their own work – we want each job we assign to be completed and the tools and other things put away at the end of the job or the end of the day

You must be able to speak and read English in a clear manner using complete sentences.

We often have customers here – you may be asked to assist them with their purchases or to help us find their plants.

You should not expect to make or receive a number of calls or texts during the work day. We do provide a wireless internet system to connect to in your spare time while you are here.

You must have a strong body with the ability to work 8 hours a day.  If you have concerns about this please talk to us about them

Rain – We often have inside work and special projects we will direct you to do if we are not able to work outside due to the weather.

We are looking for a woman or a man – we have had a lot of success with women and invite them to apply

You must be able to provide and carry a working phone where we can contact you on whats app or by calling you.

We suggest rubber boots should be used during some of your working time.  You can store them here.

We will provide a private shower for your use if you need it at the end of the day.  This time in NOT included in your work day.

Honesty – tell us if there is a problem or if you break something – let us know when it happens so we can address it – we do not want to wait for several weeks to find out the next time we need a tool for instance.

Visitors – your friends are not invited to visit you during work hours unless there is an emergency

Our present day workers – we currently have 2 workers who have been with us for a number of years – we are looking for another member of our team who will stay.

Other work – we are often asked by other growers if we know someone who wants work at their place – it is quite possible we may be able to find you additional days someplace else if you so desire. First you must work out here.

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