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Hi - good news - we have about 20 new Desert Rose just in from Thailand - they are limited in availability - some of the varieties we just got in need a bit more time to develop their leaves (the leaves drop in transport and some varieties spring back sooner than others).

We have seedling Desert Rose in Red, Pink, and possibly White of several sizes (4" to 8") . Please come by and check them out!

We are looking for unusual varieties - if you have something you might wish to sell, trade or whatever - please let me know 536-8638

If you have seeds that are reasonably fresh I will purchase them from you or trade for something I have - please let me know.

We do occasionally have some smaller grafted ones - I can sell these if desired - quantities are very limited!

Care for Adenium
They like it a bit dry but not too dry. They are planted in a well-drained mix of soil and stone and potted.
adenium 13adenium 238 inch desert rose cut with breaks 2023  03 29 - 00068 in uncut desert rose 2023  03 29 - 00056 inch large uncut  desert rose 2023  03 29 - 00036 inch uncut desert rose 2023  03 29 - 00016 inch desert rose - small and large 2023  03 29 - 00046 inch small desert rose 2023  03 29 - 0002