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Our Cattleya Orchids are in great shape and some will bloom towards the end of 2023. Actually the orange one (a surprise one) is blooming early right now.

We should have all of these varieties in stock right now.

The Cattleya are grown in 5" pots planted in gravel to reduce disease and facilitate great drainage.

Please grow them in moderate light and be careful not to water them too much - let them dry a bit between waterings but not too much!

The Cattleya are $65 right now and will increase in price when we have more with buds. So this is a great time to purchase them unless you want immediate color. The flowers often do not get super large until the third or fourth year of growth - so patience is essential and will be rewarded when you see the large and beautiful second blooms!

Just wait for it!
Cat Mishima Elf-EditCattleya - Unknown OrangeCattleya Amazing ThailandCattleya Chao Praya GoldCattleya Chia Lin x digbyana copyCattleya Krichaya DelightCattleya Mishima Elf BlueCattleya Phet Paithoon RedCattleya Snow WhiteCattleya Star of SiamCattleya Thongsupran GoldCattleya Yingluck Smile BrownyRlc. Chao Praya Red-EditRlc. Duh's White-EditRlc. Golf Green 'Piggy Hair'-EditRlc. Jairak Breeze-EditRlc. Nakornchaisri Delight - Yen-EditRlc. Port of Paradise-EditRlc. Siam Fancy-EditRlc. Siam Red-Edit