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We have a number of varieties of Phalaenopsis. Ten - 20 varieties in total depending on how they are selling.

These are beautiful plants, with no disease and are well-drained.

They are recently in from Thailand and are potted in a 6" pot with a combination of gravel, perlite, clay pellets, and sphagnum moss.

The leaves are really robust and some of them are just beginning to throw flower spikes - generally, those plants get sold pretty quickly. So come and see.

Phalaenopsis need protection from direct light from the sun - we grow them under two layers of shade-cloth

You will probably want to grow these inside behind a curtain.
The Phals are highly susceptible to a bacterial infection called Crown Rot - make sure to talk to us about how to do preventative maintenance on them to minimize this killer! They will last for many years if given the correct treatment.
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