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Our Dendrobiums are in excellent condition.

These older orchids are planted in 6" pots

We grow them in gravel to reduce root disease and to facilitate drainage.

Dendrobium grow best in bright light but often sunburn if left in full mid-day sun - give them a bit of protection during this time of day and keep them pretty dry to reduce disease.

We water when the gravel in the middle of the pot is dry - you can tell as it would be the same color as the gravel on the top layer of the pot.

Once the roots start "jumping" out of the pot it is time to move them to a slightly larger pot - not too large, however - we generally recommend 2" larger - so 4" to 6", 6" to "8" etc. If you are purchasing a 6" pot you will not have to repot it for approximately 1 year unless the roots are already growing out of the pot.
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