We have about 250 small Vanda orchids. They are growing rapidly and look great!

If you like to GROW orchids NOW is the time to come while the prices are great. The price now is $60 and will soon increase to $80 when these are ready to bloom they will be sold for over $100 depending on size.

If you want show-quality-sized orchids right now these are not for you! They will require at least another year or so of growth.

We generally water our Vandas several times a day (often 3x) to keep the roots from drying out and the humidity up - especially as they are in a very windy and dry area - we have both.

Do not expect blooms for 1 year - so possibly the end of 2023.

We have recently installed a misting system for these as we try to keep humidity up to 80% - they are also protected from direct sunlight.
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